Is a displacement of the medial meniscus root a tear? What kind of damage is being done every time the knee clunks?

Something slipping. In the knee there is both a medial meniscus and a lateral meniscus. The meniscus is cartilage and it can tear and it can slip. Slipping can be felt as you suggest but other things can cause a clunk like the patella - the kneecap. Imaging studies can actually show slippage. Does your knee lock. Locking is a common complaint of meniscus tears. To tell if you have damage you need evaluation.
Usually does. Displacements of meniscii usually happen after a tear of its attachments or injury to its substance. In either case it can be symptomatic and needs to investigated as the treatment depends on the findings.

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What causes my knee to throb all the time? Could this be caused by a medial meniscus displacement that I have? Please explain

Knee pain. Two most common reasons for knee pain at your age are 1) inflammatory issues such as arthritis/chondromalacia and 2) meniscus tears. If your doctors do not recommend surgery, then you should try pt and/or injections of either cortisone or hyaluronic acid. Read more...