(i know its dangerous) but can puting someone into an alcohol induced coma stop a protracted siezure as with a drug induced coma such as phenobarbital?

Absolutely NO!! I hope this is not something you were thinking of trying on your own to someone you know who has a problem with seizures-- don't ever try to administer alcohol to someone who is having a true seizure--if someone is having a seizure, call 911 and let professionals treat them.
Bad idea. Do not put anything in the mouth if a person having a seizure. They can choke and it can go into their lungs and they can die. If a person is having a seizure that won't stop, or having multiple seizures back to back, get them to an er.

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Hypothetically (although dangerous) can an alcohol induced coma stop a seizure like a coma other sedative drugs such as phenobarbital or propofol?

Not reliably. If the seizure is for sure due to alcohol withdrawal, this may be possible -- but the amount needed may kill the person first. I'm sure you've heard of death from alcohol poisoning. There are many other possible causes for seizures, and alcohol-induced coma is not the way to treat those either. Read more...