Can the holes drilled from knee microfracture surgery not fill in? What happens if they don't?

Yes. Mf surgery can be helpful in some pts. However the procedure ( arthroscopic) is not always successful. If the pt. Is overweight , has a relatively large lesion and does not follow the surgeon's directions post-op( such as staying non- wt. Bearing for 4-6 wks, strengthening leg muscles etc) it may fail. In fact, even if the lesion does" fill in" it usually is not the same smooth cartilage u had.

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How long does it take the average person to start running after knee microfracture surgery?

2-3 months. Microfracture surgery is not foolproof surgery. Sometime it doesnt work and sometimes the cartilage that is produced is not able to withstand the vigors of running. However in young pts., most are able to return to light running @3 months. Good luck! Read more...

How long during recovery after a knee microfracture surgery does one continue to experience knee pain?

Five months. Post operative pain and swelling are dependant on the location and depth/width of the lesson. Gentle nonweight bearing exercises (stationary bike) are used for the first month, then strengthening is begun. Sports participation should be limited for 4-6 months. Pain and swelling start to improve around 2-3 months past op. At 5 months most people feel pretty good. Read more...