Can steroid shots take away knee pain from oa forever? Had arthro. Aug. 9 still in major pain. Worried about needing knee repl. 49, f : (

Not really. Steroids do not take away pain "forever" but can help temporarily. Steroids do damage cartilage, so it is only recommended one get 3 injections per year. There are certain exceptions to this (auto-immune disease, some pro athletes).
Knee pain. Orthopedics doctor are very good with knee replacement. Your are kind of young for it. Ideally they like patients in mid 50's or 60's. Keep working with your doctor. The main indication for knee replacement is pain and inability to walk due to pain (after other causes of knee pain have been ruled out). Don't be worried.
Answer 2 of 2. Talk to your doctor and get an idea of how much arthritis you have developed. Arthritis is progressive and cannot be halted. However knee replacement should be undertaken once conservative options have failed including but not limited to: medications, supplements, steroid and "lubrication/gel type" injections, cold laser, prolotherapy, and arthroscopic surgery. Some options are controversial.
Answer 1 of 2. Steroids have been used for years to treat pain in the knee. Steroids work by "killing" the inflammatory response, however it can also "kill" normal cartilage. Therefore, it should be used with caution. You need a proper assessment of your cartilage from xrays, MRI and arthrscopic surgery. Most doctors use steroids to treat arthritis. Talk to your doctor and discuss your injection options.