Can I cure my addiction?

Yes. Yes you can - need a support system to deal with stress management and coping - being clean is only half the battle developing healthy stress management will be the key of being drug free.
Not by yourself. Addiction is a problem that is treated best with the help of a support group. I would recommend you seek out a group like celebrate recovery, which provides help and support for folks dealing with a wide variety of addictions. Other, more focused groups include alcoholics anonymous (aa) and narcotics anonymous (na). The important first step is to admit that you have a problem and need help.

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How can I cure my addiction to shoplifting?

Mutual support helps. Consider attending a meeting of shopaholics anonymous. If these meetings are not available to you, try debtors anonymous. Read more...

Help! How can I cure my internet addiction?

To break Internet . Addiction, try to take a break from the the internet for a week or two, cold turkey. Plan some outings and meet with friends. If you can not stay away from going online , you will know you need additional help from a therapist. Let me know how it goes. Read more...