What can we do to help our 4 yr old with nephrotic syndrome?

Be Proactive. As the parent of a child with a complicated disease like nephrotic syndrome find the best pediatric nephrologist you can. They are usually found at children's hospitals to confirm the diagnosis and initiate treatment, usually steroids. There are many types of nephrotic syndrome so a good initial evaluation is important. See http://www.Nephcure.Org/nephrotic-syndrome-facts.
Need for Biopsy. Needs a biopsy first , the only way to find out what the condition is , since treatment is different.

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Diet for 4 yr old with nephrotic syndrome?

See specialist. A question like that should not be answered in a 2 line e-mail. Take her to her doctor and get proper advice and diet. Read more...
Regular diet for his. Age. Moderate salt restriction would be advisable though. Read more...