Fungi growing on my back and recently my hairs fall heavily (+dandruff+itch). And possibly oral candidiasis (white tongue wide spots).What should I do?

Find Alternative Doc. Look at the a4m.Com web site and use the locate a doc feature to find a local physician who has training and experience in functional medicine. You are colonized with candida and probably abnormal bacteria as a source for these. This may mean an underlying food allergy as well. You need a physician who can do specialized GI testing and guide your treatment to prevent recurrence.
Fungus infection. You need complete check up. Looks like you have low immunity. Oral candidiasis is common among aids patients. Fungus of the hair is treated with Nizoral or zetar shampoo, skin problem with antifungal cream like lamisil, (terbinafine) Lotrisone or oral antifungal like griseofulvin.