How much does an MRI typically cost, in order to diagnose an Achilles tendon injury?

Depends. There is a big variety and it is definitely worth calling around for different prices, make sure you ask for full payment cash discount. Hospitals are more expensive than smaller imaging centers. Around here, the lowest price is $250.
Talk to the office. There is no standard fee for MRI and if you are inquiring what an out of pocket expense would be (for a cash pay patient or even with insurance) your best bet is to ask you doctor's office where you can have an MRI performed and then call those imaging locations. Your doctor's office will generally not know the answer as they are not the billing party.

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Why can't the body successfully heal an Achilles tendon injury?

Not if fullly torn. If the achilles tendon is inflamed it can be treated with rest, nsaids and pt. If is a slight partial, you may just need to cast or protect it for a while. But if the tendon is totally torn, it will likely need to be repaired because otherwise it will not heal with normal strength necessary for sports and have a higher risk of retear.
Needs rest. If you continue to walk on an injured area it does not get rest to help the body heal it.

For what reason can't the body successfully heal an Achilles tendon injury or degeneration?

Many reasons may be. The injury could have happened for the same reason that it is now difficult to heal: metabolic/ hormonal/ medication side effects. However, other things can produce chronic inflammation as well, such as fibromyalgia for example. After the injury, a proper stretching routine, physical therapy are important, but the recovery may still take over a year on occasion.
Achilles. Agreed- the reason for poor healing is the same reason the problem happened. There may an underlying metabolic problem. See your orthopedist for help.

Curious as to why can't the body successfully heal an Achilles tendon injury or degeneration?

The body can. If yours isn't, then you need to seek medical attention to find out why and what can be done.
Vascularity. There is not a lot of circulation to the heel cord where it attaches into the back of the heel. Relatively less circulation means less delivery of nutrients. Good medical and surgical care of his condition is imperative. See a podiatrist or orthopedist for care of this.

What can I do at home to treat my Achilles tendon injury?

Rest. Rest, ice, elevate, light stretching, heel pad to elevate heel.
Important. To determine the extent of the injury. If the tendon is itself injured bad, it is possible you should not walk on it. Is their any open skin? Is it simply a tendonitis? If allowed to walk, often a heel lift is recommended. You may or not need immobilization while weight bearing though.

Can someone give me some details on Achilles tendon injury?

Depends on severity. If the achilles tendon injury is minor or just inflamed like a tendonitis, it can be improved with rest, ice and nsaid. Sometimes therapy can help along with stretching. If the tendon is totally torn, you may need a surgical repair to obtain the best result.
Yes. An achilles tendon injury is usually from direct trauma or from an overstretching injury. The area becomes swollen, painful and difficult to walk on.

What can I do to take care of my Achilles tendon injury? I can't put any weight on it without pain.

Immobilize. It sounds severe if you can't put weight on it. You need crutches, and see specialist. It could be ruptured. Ice, compression, and elevation will relieve pain.

What can I do about an Achilles tendon injury from running?

Rest. This can be very serious and a precursor to rupturing the tendon. You should rest, ice and take time off. If there is any swelling or bruising, or inability to walk, you need to see a dr.
Achilles tendon pain. Achilles' tendon pain is very frustrating to resolve. Start with rest, stretching, ice, and otc anti inflammatories. If this isn't doing the trick, do yourself a favor and visit a podiatrist. We have modalities at our disposal that will make a big difference.

How is a lower calf/achilles tendon injury treated?

See below. Usually the tendon is immobolized and after inflamation subsides, physical therapy is used for rehabilitation.

What is preventing my Achilles tendon injury from healing?

See below. It could be many things but the most common is that you are not giving it enough rest.
Some studies have. Shown that if there was a gap remaining when a foot was positioned in the boot if treated non-operatively that there may be slower rate of healing or recurrent issue. This may be a criteria ofr opreative vs non operative treatment, if operative treatment then infection while not common but can be a factor to delay completion of treatment. All things being equal both methods of treatment can work.
Depends. It depends on the extent of the injury. The tendon has a delicate blood supply. Smoking can slow healing by reducing blood flow to the injured site. If completely torn it will take a long time to heal if treated conservatively. Surgical repair will allow tendon to heal faster with quicker rehab.