Tickly throat overnight; blood in phlegm, not coughed up -drawn up;temperature, stuffy nose, particularly behind eyes. Sinusitis? When to see doctor?

ASAP. Without examining you this sounds potentially severe. Please go and be evaluated by a doctor now. Hope you are better soon, .
See doctor. The time to see the doctor is now. Have him check your throat to see if you have a strep. He can also determine if you have sinusitis at this time.

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Stuffy nose, mild cough, really sore throat, blood shot eyes that crust horribly over night. What could these symptoms mean?

Sounds like a cold. All these symptoms are pretty typical, of your run of the mill viral cold. If the symptoms last more than 7-10 days or are accompanied by high fever greater than 101, i'd talk to your doctor. Read more...