I had an EKG a week ago that looked good. Is it likely to have a heart attack after a recent clear ekg?

You are ok. You are too young to have anything wrong, but an ekg is not sufficient to exckude heart disease.
ECG . At age 28 it is not likely to have a heart attack, period. A normal ECG does not guarantee one won't sometime have a heart attack.

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2 weeks ago had ekg, bloodwork, and u/s done for possible bloodclot. All came back good. My left arm is aching now. Heart attack?

Aching arm. You probably are not having a hear attack, but if you were checked out for possible blood clot check your left hand. If it is cold and feels numb go to the er asap. Or could the pain be due as a result of the blood draw. In any case because of your history get checked out. Read more...

Is it that rare for a 27-30 year old male to have a heart attack? Does it make it even rarer if they had recent normal ekg/stress/echo? No fam hist

Yes, rare. Hi. Yes it's rare for a 27-30 yo male to have a heart attack (MI). And, yes, it's even rarer if he has no family history of premature MI and a recently negative stress echo; EKG is not a good screening test for risk of MI, but can often diagnose a current or past MI. Read more...