I've been taking Ultram for 2 years on and off for 6 surgeries but want to stop but get severely sick, how can I do it better?

Slow wean...2-3 wks. Tramadol use increases serotonin levels..Thus abrupt stop may cause withdrawal symptoms similar to may antidepressants such as zoloft/celexa etc...Since your use is high and of long duration, weaning over 2-3 wks is advised...Please consult your doc for instructions... Good luck to you..
Taper slowly. Ultram is a morphine like drug that causes physical dependency (meaning you get sick if you stop suddenly). Here is a suggested taper: 5 pills/day x 7d then 4/d, 3/d, 2/d, 1 1/2/d, 1/d each week. You can also alternate between (for example) 4 pills one day and three the next. The point is slowly step down as tolerated. Do expect to feel badly for the first month off the drug.