Can an ultrasound miss a dvt?

Sometimes. If symptoms persist get repeat ultrasound in 7 to 10 days.
Yes. Absolutely. This test is a good screening test for those being suspected of having a dvt, but it is not 100%. The location, the size of the dvt, and much dependence on the experty/skill of the tech performing the procedure. It is indeed a convenient/easy to do test. A venogram is the gold-standard, but it is a more involved test and requires a dye as well as exposure to radiation. I hope u r ok... Good luck..
Unfortunately, yes. The most important factor in the accuracy of a venous ultrasound is skill and experience of the person doing the scan. Clots in calf veins are harder to find. The veins are smaller and the clots can be very small too. One real problem with scanning veins is the tremendous variation that occurs in the anatomy of different people's veins. As dr. Korona said, sometimes a repeat scan is needed.
Yes but uncommon. No test is perfect, and so the answer is yes it could miss a dvt. However this is not common, and sometimes if it is missed it means it is a small clot or a clot in a smaller, more distal (farther away) leg vein. If you're unsure bring up your concerns with your doctor and have a discussion about what else could be going on.

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Would 3 ultrasounds of the leg miss a dvt?

DVT. It woulld be very unusual for 3 us to miss dvt. Venous us is quite sensitive and specific for diagnosis of both DVT and superficial thrombosis. Why do you need to repeat three us of leg. Do you have any symtoms such as leg swelling/pain? Hopely radiologist agrees with me. I haven't seen any.
Very unlikely. Ultrasounds of the lower extremity are fairly sensitive in picking up dvt's. It is highly unlikely that one would have a DVT that is not showing up after 3 ultrasounds.

2 d-dimers & ultrasounds in 1 week both say negative for dvt. But still have pain and worried I have DVT and they missed it. Should I worry?

Very Very Unlikely. You have had two ultrasound exams and 2 d dimers and oth negative. I think DVT has been ruled out not ince but twicethere may be some other cause of your leg pain. Discuss with your doctor and follow with his/her advice dvt will not be missed on two tests. It is highly likely that your leg pain is from dvt.

Could an ultrasound scan miss a DVT as iam at high risk of a DVT and is 422 high for a d dimer test?

Ultrasound for DVT. Ultrasound for lower extremity DVT's have great sensitivity and specificity meaning they are very good at picking up a DVT. There is a 2% chance of somebody having a negative scan and having one found 1 week later according to studies, although repeating it is often done if there is strong suspicion. D-dimer values are not universal so that may be high but values can be high in a lot of disease.
Unlikely, and yes. The scan is unlikely to miss a significant leg clot. It could miss a pelvic vein clot as the study is not an efficient means to evaluate those vessels. Regarding the d-dimer level it is elevated but there reasons other than venous thrombosis for a high value.

pain in center of right calf hurts worse when standing walking, pain getting worse, ultrasound shows no clot, his of dvt. Can ultrasound miss a clot?

Possible. Thrombophlebitis= inflammation of a deep vein in your leg. A venous doppler (ultrasound) is very diagnostic of dvt. I suggest a repeat exam and a second opinion bases on your current symptoms.

What to do if I have a possible dvt, have had an ultrasound, it did not show, has anyone experienced this?

Ultrasound can miss. A venous doppler ultrasound is good test for finding a dvt. However it is possible that it can miss a small or incomplete dvt. This is not an uncommon event so if you still have symptoms and think it might have missed a DVT follow up with you doctor to discuss options such a repeat test or other tests.

Please tell me, could a free clinic do an DVT ultrasound?

Not in the clinic. Most free clinics are not capable of doing a DVT ultrasound but they can refer you to a diagnostic facility or an hospital out patient department whwre it can be done and may be done under charity care if you qualify for charity care. Discuss the options with the doctors at the free clinic as they have the knowledge where it can be done only if it is medically indicated.
Maybe. Free clinics usually do not have the ability to do specialized testing. However, if you are worried about a dvt, you should go to an emergency room and be evaluated. You may also want to contact a free clinic near you to see if they can do the ultrasound.

Ultrasound/doppler testing is effective for DVT diagnosis only 3 out of 10 times. Is that true?

NO. I am not aware of this statistic. It may be technician drive as well. If you do not have a good ultrasound radiology tech, the procedure could be difficult to read. But as stated, the sensitivity is much better than 30%.
Ultrasound. That is not true. The sensitivity and specificity of this test is greater than 90%.

Should a known dvt in the leg be monitored with regular ultrasounds to ensure dvt has not moved or got bigger or no new dvt's have developed?

Not useful. The DVT can take up to 6 months to dissolve completely on blood thinners (Coumadin or 1 of the newer agents) for the time period specified by your doctor. While ultrasound is useful in detecting a DVT (due to Doppler), it is less useful in showing how big/small the clot is over time. Your best bet is warfarin: that has shown to prevent migration of even small flecks of the clot. Se HealthTap Prime.

My leg been hurting for 3 weeks from my calf up. .... 2 ultrasounds came back negative for dvt. I'm worried are these test pretty accurate? Help

They are. They are highly accurate for detecting a blood clot in the leg, 97% accurate by most studies which is excellent. There are many causes of leg pain, and in fact, a clot typically won't cause pain unless the vessel becomes inflamed. A clot in the leg most often manifests as new significant swelling of one leg relative to the other, often after a period of immobilization such as a long flight.