Does the brace straighten up your postural kyphosis whilst on 20-21 years old?

kyphosis. A brace most commonly helps the kyphosis from getting worse though not always. A brace does not usually improve a postural kyphosis in someone in their twenties.

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I'm 20, and I wanna use a brace to straighten up my postural kyphosis, some say it's too late. So, is it gonna work or just deform more my spine?

Not really. When a person is still in their growing phase, a brace can be used to potentially correct an increased kyphosis. When growth is complete, this opportunity for correction is lost. A brace may hold the spine in a straightened position in an adult, but as soon as the brace is removed, the kyphosis is still there. Read more...

On my 20s, I know that is gonna prevent the deformity if I use the brace for my postural kyphosis, but is it gonna cause any bad issues for my spine?

Will likely not be. Helpful at all. You are done growing at age 20, so there is no reason to have a brace for this diagnosis. You have to see a physical therapist ; learn some very effective trunk stabilization programs, core strengthening programs, postural educations. The brace will not change your deformity, ; will only likely cause pressure points ; inconvenience. See a spine surgeon if you are having symptoms. Read more...