I drink a lot. Does that make me an alcoholic?

C A G E. If you drink and cannot routinely stop at one, you may have issues with control. If others have confronted you and you typically deny the issue or get angry at the messenger, you may have prototypical defenses. If you admit to feeling guilt about how much you drink and wish to cut down, this could signal a problem. Drinking in the am, blackouts, or legal trouble all are worrisome. 2 of 4 get help.
Not necessarily. Alcholism implies a maladaptive pattern of use that may include failure to fulfill major role obligations, using alcohol in physically hazardous situations, having alcohol related legal problems, or persistant use despite social and interpersonal problems that it has caused. Your physician can help you decide if you have a problem.
MOST LIKELY YES. If you have concerns about your drinking or if others have expressed concern then you have an alcohol problem. So i suggest that you speak with your physician about the best course of action and get help. There are places to detox from alcohol so that you do not have dangerous withdrawal. Of course there is aa. Get help sounds like you need it and are ready. You are young so do not wait to long.