What are the signs that someone is addicted to cocaine?

4 c's . In reality a addiction is characterized by inability tocutback, lack of control, disregard of consequences , and craving. These must be present for 12 months and at least three of the latter must be present although commonly Cocaine will become addictive in in a very short time frame.
RAFFT. The rafft questionnaire is a sensitive screening instrument for identifying substance abuse. R (relax): does the individual drink or take drugs to relax, improve self-image, or fit in? A (alone): does the individual ever drink or take drugs while alone? F (friends): do any close friends drink or use drugs? F (family): does a close family member have a problem.

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What are the signs that someone you love is addicted to cocaine?

Some signs... 1) after using Cocaine regularly for an extended period, dependence (addiction) develops. 2) once addicted, stopping suddenly lead to withdrawal. 3) addicts spend too much $ on habit. 4) might steal from loved ones to support habit. 5) causes time to pass very rapidly. The Cocaine addict will typically end up being out much later than planned. 6) rapidly losing weight without exercising a lot. Read more...