On crestor (rosuvastatin) for long time, then moved and no one gave it. Started up again and given 5 mg instead of 2.5. 90, mild high bp, some renal damage?

Why crestor (rosuvastatin) at 90? If I am reading it right, you are 90? You feel well? Some low functioning of kidneys =common at 90. I don't think Crestor (rosuvastatin) is offering you any real benefit...It is being used to treat high cholesterol but is that really a concern now? Quality of life should be the focus at this point! i would live on and heck with crestor (rosuvastatin)... Good luck.
Cut it. It's low dose but if you want the 2.5, just cut the 5mg in half. Buy a pill cutter at a store if you want to do it easier.