Can inguinal or femoral hernias cause indigestion?

unlikely. Most of the times hernia (s ) will not cause any symptoms except occasional pain , but when it gets incarcerated is an emergency , will have severe pain , can not be pushed inside requiring emergency surgery.
Not directly. The hernia defects present in these areas can contain bowel, but it is part of the "lower" GI tract, and shouldn't have anything to do with nausea or heartburn, symptoms many also call "indigestion". Pain from the hernias can indirectly cause these problems. Hope this helps!

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Have pain and swelling groin area when doing exertion had a femoral hernia 3 years ago and then a full hysterectomy which caused problem with lymph?

Recurrent hernia? This could be a recurrent hernia; it is unlikely to be a problem with your lymph glands. Read more...
See a surgeon. You should see a general surgeon with experience with inguinal hernia repair for an exam. May need some tests as well. Could be a new, or recurrent hernia. Could also be a swollen lymph node. It could also be a hernia from the hysterectomy incision. Best of luck! Read more...