What are alcohol problems?

See below. If you have consequences from drinking such as physical, emotional, legal, or social difficulties associated with alcohol use, then you may have an alcohol problem. Identifying the problem is the first step toward recovery. You doctor can help you set up a program to curb or eliminate your drinking and put an end to the problems it may have caused.
No short answer. Alcohol damages virtually every human organ system - mostly the brain and nervous system, liver, gastrointestinal tract, pancreas, heart and many others. In social amounts (less than 2 drinks per day), damage is uncommon, and such amounts may be protective against hardening of the arteries (arteriosclerosis). In larger amounts, damage may be severe, and include dangerous behaviors (driving etc.).

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What are some alternatives for alcohol problems other than aa?

Mutual Support Helps. You might consider rational recovery, secular sobriety, lifering, smart recovery or moderation management, among others. Get more information at: http://www. Tandfonline. Com/toc/wgar20/current.

What sort of problem is alcohol (ethanol) poisoning or overdose?

Alcohol toxicity. Alcohol (ethanol) is a respiratory and central nervous system, and cardiac depressant. Low doses cloud judgement, higher doses induce nausea, vomiting, pancreatitis, liver disease. And higher doses can lead to coma and death. This has even happened at colleges to young people. Sad.
Extremely Dangerous. Alcohol poisoning occurs after consuming a large quantity of alcohol over a very short time. Acting as a central nervous system depressant it can suppress respiration, induce coma, and disable the gag reflex. Aspiration of one's vomit, seizures and cardiac arrest can occur. Hypothermia, hypoglycemia & dehydration can lead to life threatening conditions. Considered a medical emergency call 911.

What sort of problem is alcohol (ethanol) intoxication (being drunk)?

Drunk. Being drunk with alcohol is clearly a sign of poor judgement, leading to activities that one would not ordinarily do, such as operate a car, machinery, sign contracts, leading to bad results.
Abnormal or Normal? Many individuals may at sometime in their lives experience being drunk on alcohol. This is normal. Being drunk can quickly become abnormal due to its effects on the central nervous system. When drunk you llose motor control, coordination and reaction time resulting in accidents and injuries. You lose your ability to reason and make bad decisions such as driving. It is a condition best avoided.

What sort of problem is alcohol dependence?

Alcohol dependence. Alcohol dependence is a serious problem because the natural history of this disease is to progress. Excess drinking tends to interfere with home life and social relationships, can impair your performance at work, get you into legal troubles (dui), and severely impairment your health--nutritional deficiences, neuropathy, liver dysfunction, pancreatitis, and sexual dysfunction.
A Serious Problem. Alcohol dependence is characterized by consumption of alcohol where if one stops drinking abruptly they experience symptoms of withdrawal. These symptoms can include tremors, cravings to drink more, depression, hallucinations, and in some cases even death. Anyone who notices any of these symptoms when they stop drinking, should seek medical help. There is treatment for alcohol dependence.

What sort of problem is alcohol withdrawal syndrome?

Alcohol withdrawal. Swift changes in emotions from high to low nausea difficulty sleeping including insomnia rapid or increased heart rate cold or clammy skin change in eyes or pupils (enlarged or dilated) excitability irritability vomiting movements out of the ordinary nervousness depression hand tremors pulsating headaches lack of focus and the inability.
Bad stuff. This can cause nausea, vomiting, tremors, falls, insomnia, delirium tremens (dts - confusion, delirium, hallucinations) seizures, impulsive behavior, mood changes, irregular/ rapid heart rate.