Dr says I have a shoulder impingment. My symptoms are dull upper arm discomfort, specific neck pain radiating into my ear. Is this normal?

Seems likely. Impingement can cause many symptoms but usually with pain somewhere. It is usually in the shoulder itself, but can radiate down the arm or to the neck. Dull discomfort may be your pain. The other thing that can cause such pain can be in the neck itself. If your doctors feels it is shoulder, i assume s/he checked your neck out too.
Might be your neck. See an orthopedic surgeon to be sure. These symptoms can overlap from either your neck or shoulder.
For that diagnosis. There can be a range of symptoms for shoulder impingement that could also be related to neck issues or you could be doubly blessed with both problems at once. You describe typical shoulder symptoms. If it hurts to raise your arm above shoulder height or lying on that shoulder hurts, it is most likely a shoulder issue with 90% treated non surgically.