My doctor recomended me humira (adalimumab) for RA. What is it and what's its benefits and side effects? Thank u

Anti-TNF biologic. Humira (adalimumab) is one of five drugs that block a pro-inflammatory protein called tnf that are elevated in diseases like ra, psoriatic arthritis, and spondylitis. Anti-tnf agents are very effective. They are often given with methotrexate. Humira (adalimumab) has a variety of possible side effects but most patients do extremely well. Serious side effects are uncommon.
See details. Humira (adalimumab) is a biologic drug and works as a tnf antagonist. It is very effective in controlling the inflammation of RA and reducing the risk of joint damage. The major risk is infection with other risks including reduced blood counts, liver inflammation, neurologic disorders and lymphoma. All of these are rare and the benefits are far greater than the risks.

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My RA doc wants me to take Enbrel/ Humira (adalimumab). Very afraid of the side effects & I'm already blind in 1 eye. What else can I take instead?

Talk to RA doctor. These are issues which need be discussed with your RA doctor. In medicine, most decisions made are based on risk/benefit ratio and without knowing that, it is impossible to provide you with an answer in this type of interaction. Read more...

I was on Humira for RA. I kept getting head colds and sinus infections so I stopped taking it. What side effects should I expect?

RA worse. . First and foremost, your RA symptoms, both the joint pains and any extra-articular issues you may have, may worsen quite quickly. You need to discuss RA treatment plan B with your Rheumatologist. . Read more...