Do you think I could run a half marathon?

Most likely. I have run for my entire life. I've run four marathons and two half marathons. I believe that if you can run 15-20 miles per week, you can ramp up your training to run a half or full marathon within four months.
Probably. While I know nothing of your physical condition or your level of baseline fitness, most people can run a half-marathon. The question is how fast should you expect to run it and how long should you expect to train for it. If you have health problems, visit your doctor to make sure it is safe, but there are thousands of people who complete amazing tests of fitness and endurance despite handicaps.

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Do you think I could run a half marathon if breastfeeding?

This is a challenge. The answer depends on your current level of fitness. If you have run half marathons in the recent past and/or have been completing weekly mileage of at least 25/week, then your body may be up to the additional physiologic stressor. If this doesn't describe your current level of fitness, the half marathon may represent too much.
Trick Question. I know your question if probably serious but it is a set up for a snappy comeback.... It would really be hard to breastfeed while running. But seriously if you are motivated to run you should be able to. If you could time your feeding before the race so that you are not too engorged, and wear a well supporting bra and make sure to hydrate well before during and after the run, you sould be ok.
Sure! Sure, why not. May want to pump shortly before race. Also, stay hydrated, and take it easier to keep your electrolytes in balance. Good luck.