Can lactic acid in muscles cause prickling sensations and soreness?

yes. Lactic acid in muscles typically causes cramping. But it can be perceived as itching or soreness. Increase your fluids to 2 liters a day and wash it out!

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Last night I was vomiting very forcefully. Right after that my muscles, particularly my biceps, became very sore. Other muscles to a lesser extent. After 9 hours this is beginning to subside. Is the some type of lactic acid release from the vom?

Yes and no. It's a lactic acid response, but not from the vomiting. When we vomit, we tend to spasm the muscles in our bodies, some more than others. Chest wall and abdominal muscles are usually the most affected. If you "held on tight" to something during the episode, your arm muscles can be affected most. This should clear within 48 hrs. Make sure you are hydrating well (6-7, 8oz glasses daily). Read more...