Baby just diagnosed with chiari malformation?

Chiari 1? 4? Chiari malformation has one common trait in its 4 different degrees of severity. Chiari 4 is immediately obvious at birth or on pre-partum ultrasound exhibiting skin defects in lumbar area with herniation of nerves through the defect. Chiari 1 is much more common and often asymptomatic, consisting of extension of cerebellum into upper spinal canal. Headaches are commonest symptom.

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Should a child have surgery for chiari malformation if he has no symptoms?

Possibly. Typically, asymptomatic chiari type-1 malformations are not recommended to undergo a sub-occipital decompression unless there are other associated findings. In children, if there is associated hydrocephalus, or a cervical region syringomyelia, a sub-occipital decompression may be indicated. This is to prevent future neurological decline. Read more...