Can a lattice degeneration by itself (and not associated with any tear or hole) cause or worsen eye floaters?

Lattice degeneration. Hi. Lattice degeneration is not due to the floaters. Rather, lattice occurs in areas where the retina and vitreous come together "more strongly" than other areas. The retina in these areas can be thinner, sometimes with holes, tears, or even retinal detachment. Increase in floaters or flashes means that the vitreous in your eye is changing; may be tugging on the retina. See an ophthalmologist.
No . Lattice degeneration refers to areas of thinning, usually in the peripheral retina. Sometimes retinal holes or tears develop in association with lattice degeneration. In the absence of a hole or tear, lattice degeneration is not symptomatic. Floaters, however, could be present for other reasons, like a hole or tear unassociated with lattice, or the natural process of the aging vitreous.

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Lattice degeneration with floaters on both eyes. Reviewed a week ago-no tear/hole. Last night, I had just one flash in left eye. Need uation immediately?

Flashing lights . Mean that the retina is involved and should be evaluated for retina holes or tears. Read more...
Flashes are an . Important signal from the retina that it may be undergoing a vitreous detachment. A posterior vitreous detachment or PVD is a natural and normal process, but is occasionally accompanied by flashes. These result from pulling on the retina and in perhaps 10-20% of patients may be associated with a tear. A tear can lead to a detachment of the retina which could lead to vision loss if not repaired. Read more...