My dad's mom had cervical cancer/he had stage 3 nasal pharynax cancer/ I had a borderline malignant mucinous ovarian tumor (10lbs)/am I @ risk 4 cancer?

Do yourself a favor. I appreciate what a confusing time this must be. It appears that you have asked several questions all of which should have been addressed by your physician. You had cancer and you were probably cured. You need to keep up close surveillance for cancer like everyone else, be glad for your life being saved, and get on with productive living. Your physician can be your guide here.

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My dad's biological father was jewish. I had a borderline malignant mucinous ovarian tumor removed in 4/2013 that was 10lbs. Should I worry abt cancer?

Yes and no. Your cancer was of low grade yet it is not entirely worry free, as in some cases it does recur. Overall your cancer has very good prognosis in 80-90% of the cases. Your jewish heritage has no impact on this variety of ovarian cancer(it only affects the brca mutated type of cancers). Read more...