Is there any easy to enlarge breasts?

Reasonably easy. Most breast reduction patients are sore after surgery but do well. The swelling and bruising can last up to a month and the tissues relax over 6 months. Most women are off their pain medications within a week.
Implants. In about one hour you will have your breasts enlarged. How easy is that? Implants are more predictable and precise than other methods like fat grafting, if it is done by a trained and hopefully board certifed plastic surgeon. Otherwise, padded bras are the easiest way!
Some pain, some gain. While you will see many exercises, pills and supplements that claim to enlarge the breasts, most have little success or science behind them. There is a reason 400, 000 women a year receive breast implants. They are by no means perfect, but breast implants are the safest and most predictable way to provide the amount of enlargement that most women want.