I have herpes and I'm on Valtrex (valacyclovir) suppressive therapy 500mg 1x per day. After shaving I get a red rash is it an ob or folliculitus how can I tell?

Probably folliculiti. Since you notice it right after shaving, i would think it is folliculitis. However, the irritation effect of the razor can allow herpes to grow. You might get it checked out and then you wouldnt have to worry.

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I have herpes and currently take 500 mg Valtrex (valacyclovir) once a day. I shaved my pubic area and I have red bumps. Is it an ob or folliculitus? How can I tell?

Exam. It's probably folliculitis if the bumps are red and are where you shave. Try waxing to avoid this. Do you remember what your last outbreak looked and felt like? It should be painful and some people have prodromal symptoms such as tingling before lesions show up. You can have your doctor take a look if you're not sure. Take care. Read more...