Will second hand smoke affect my baby?

Yes. Yes, smoke is a very potent irritant and any form of exposure will affect an infant. The infant will have exposure from smoke on clothing, hair, skin especially if the smoker is the care taker. This will predispose your infant to a variety of health issues including frequent upper respiratory problems, increase risk for asthma and progressive lung problems.
Yes. It is known to double or triple the respiratory infections in childhood.It also increases the risk of crib death in exposed infants. This has been the most studied air pollutant for decades and the results confirmed on multiple occasions.

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Thc second hand smoke harm babies?

Yes. Second hand smoke can harm anyone's health, and children and infants are particularly sensitive to the effects of second hand smoke (development of asthma, prone to respiratory viruses, etc.). Read more...
Two issues. This smoke has the same effect in increasing frequency of respiratory & ear infections (2-3x) as cigarette smoke. There is also some conflicting data suggesting contribution to learning disabilities. Read more...