Why do nipples itch while breastfeeding?

Different things. It could be dermatitis or yeast from staying wet much of the time. You can air dry them between feedings or use nipple shields that keep them from direct contact with wet clothing. You can find those at a breastfeeding supply store. You can put lotrimin (clotrimazole) af cream on them 3 times a day for a week to clear up yeast. You just wipe off any excess before feeding, but don't worry about a small amount.

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2mth baby has oral and anal mycoses, I feel itching and redness under nipples bcoz im breastfeeding, can I continue nursing her or I should stop?

Continue but treat. I assume you are talking about thrush and diaper rash. You should be treating these as per your doctor. Your nipples should also be treated, but assuming you've discussed treatment options and proper cleaning with your doctor, you should continue breast feeding unless the pain is prohibitive. Read more...

Nipple itches & can squeeze clear fluid out of. 14 weeks postpartum didnt breastfeed. Same thing occurred w/ last baby. Only left breast. What is it?

Prolactin. just because you didn't breastfeed doesn't shut off the flw of hormones that stimulate lactation. It is a bit unusual to see elevated hormone levels this far out from delivery. See your OB and get some hormone levels checked if this symptom bothers you - it should go away over time. Read more...