Why do my hands hurt and keep falling asleep?

problem neck/back. If both hands (the whole hand) have this recurrent issue, there could be something very wrong with your neck or upper back. Nerve compression problems often manifest with numbness or pain in hands/arms.

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45/f. Arm & hand pain while sleeping. Also wake up w/ arms tingling from arms falling asleep during night. Pain also wakes me up at night.?

Possible Carpal Tun. There are other possibilities, but the most likely cause for your symptoms is carpal tunnel syndrome. This is the result of compression of the median nerves at the wrists and it is common for people to wake up to "shake out the numbness." i would recommend that you see a neurologist, but while you are waiting you can ice the wrists, try otc ibuprofen, and buy carpal tunnel splints for nighttime. Read more...