Is it possible to get swollen glands when sick with strep throat?

They usually are. Swollen glands in the neck, under the jaw, invariably accompany a strep throat infection. They may also stay enlarged for weeks after recovery.

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Please tell me how long it takes for swollen glands from strep throat to go back to normal?

a couple of weeks. Most infection related enlarged lymph nodes settle down as the infection is treated and controlled. So the lymph glands should settle down to normal size in a mater of 2 to 3 weeks.

Sore throat however no white spots Cough and swollen glands that are tender & hurt when I move certain ways. Constant ache Is this strep throat?

Maybe. It is impossible to tell 100% without a strep. Test. You may very well have " mono". Mononucleosis and strep have rapid tests which will give you an answer within 5 minutes. If it is Strep infection, you need antibiotics, if is " mono " you don' t need antibiotics.

Vomiting one week, fever, dehydration, painful throat sores and swollen glands. Not flu, strep mono. Vomiting recurring on occasion 2nd week?

Prolonged sore throa. You may have a retro pharyngeal abscess. See a doctor. He may want to take an x-ray of your upper airway. Alternately you have a viral illness that can give you similarsymptoms.

I have swollen glands in my neck, a sore throat, ears ache and my tonsils areinflamed and covered in white patches. Is this strep throat?

Could be. Strep throat and viral infections look and act similarly. Get a throat culture to know.
C MD FOR CULTURE. Yes it may be strep throat. See your physician or health center for a throat culture.
Possibly. Sounds like you are getting sick - go see your internist. They would need to do a culture to verify it is strep throat. Gargle with warm salt water to help with the sore throat. Umcka cold/flu helps a lot too (it all natural).

Throat and tonsils swollen very painful talking funny stuffy nose swollen glands but I don't see white spots on tonsils tonsillitis? Or strep

See physician. Your condition requires a strept test and likely a course of antibiotics, you need to see a physician or make a paid consultation through healthtap.

Have sore throart, swollen glands, no voice, for a month, did mono and strep test, both negative, dr not to sure what is cauing this, why?

Hoarse - sore throat. Hello. It sounds like there may be a viral, GERD or allergy component to your ailments. I would recommend an evaluation from your ENT physician who could perform an endoscopic examination of the throat to see the vocal cords and lining to determine what the source of the inflammation is.