When an ovarian cyst ruptures do you feel leaking?

Most of the time, no. The eggs in your ovaries develop each month from puberty to menopause. The release of the egg is usually not noticed by women. Some times there may be a slight discomfort, and rarely there can be bleeding when the egg is released. The small amount of fluid released at ovuation is quickly absorbed by your body.

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How can you tell if you have an ovarian cyst. Does it rupture and leak fluid during your ovulation times? Will there be blood in mucus also?

Ultrasound. to see a cyst you need to take a look on ultrasound. sometime you see it and sometimes you might see a lot of fluid around that shows the cyst already burst open. it is possible to bleed but that is not common. Read more...

I was just wondering when an ovarian cyst ruptures, can it cause more harm to your eggs?

Generally No. If an ovarian cyst is of moderate size and ruptures, you may have some short-lived pain, but it should not harm any remaining egg cells in your ovary. Read more...