Is encephalitis curable? Heard college kids get it

Outcomes vary. Most cases of encephalitis are caused by viruses, and most cases resolve on their own with patients experiencing minimal to no symtpoms. However, more severe cases can require hospitalization and intensive care. In these cases, the outcomes vary greatly depending upon variables such as patient factors, the cause of encephalitis, and response to therapies employed.
Meningococcal diseas. What you have heard about is the risk of catching meningococcal disease and meningitis. Children should get immunization against meningococcus. It requires two doses, the second usuallly just before going to college or boarding school.
Maybe. It depends upon the cause of encephalitis. Most people who present with this should be treated with Acyclovir since herpes is the only curable viral encephalitis. Unfortunately any damage to the nervous system which has occurred before therapy is in large part irreversible. Some forms of encephalitis resolve spontaneously. Some encephalitis is secondary to other ongoing intracranial infection.