Streptococcus bacteria, does it cause bad breath?

Gingivitis. Some streptococcal species may be involved in gingival (gum) infections and these can produce bad breath. This can also result from infections in the sinuses, the back of the throat and other upper respiratory areas. The odor is that of destroyed tissue rather than products produced by the bacteria.

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What the cause of having bacteria in stomach what is it and how to prevent it I pass gas a lot and bad bacteria comes out of me and also bad breath?

H. Pylori IS BADDD. Bacteria in the intestines is normal. In fact, bacteria plays an important role in the break down of bile and the absorption of some nutrients, but certain bacteria such as H. Pylori can be extremely harmful. H. Pylori is a bacteria that can live in the stomach, if left untreated if can cause cancer a MALT mucosal associated lymphoid tissue. A simple test in your PCPs office can defect H. Pylori.

Is it true that taking a proton pump inhibitor for acid reflux can cause bad breath by allowing bacteria / fungi to accumulate in high pH environment?

Not really. I have a lot if patients on ppi therapy and this is definitely not a common complaint. If this happens it is rare.
Doubtful. Much more likely that acid reflux will cause bad breath, as well as increase risk of oral pharyngeal cancer & ulcers. I'd take the prescribed medication unless advised otherwise by your doctor.