Is an irregular heart beat in fetus always fibrillation?

Fast/slow/none. Assessing the fetal heart is a bit problematic. Since they are isolated inside the bag of waters, we are limited to detecting rate as fast/ slow/ normal or none. Various factors can lead to various rate changes. The fetal heart is usually beating much fast ; 130-160/min are routine. Stress can speed or slow the rate. When checking newborns, I have never had one with fibrillation in 3 decades.

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I was wondering is an irregular heart beat bad? Could it become deadly?

Perhaps. An ekg will help sort out the risk. An irregular heart beat may represent atrial fibrillation which can increase the risk of stroke, heart attack and death. This is very serious but not all irregular beats are so serious. You should be checked out by your doctor. Read more...

What does it mean when I have an irregular heart beat during rem?

Exciting Dream State. Rem or rapid eye movement sleep is when most dreaming occurs. It is a lighter sleep allowing you to be more aware of your body sensations and your dreams. If you have an exciting experience in your dream your body responds by producing more adrenalin. This may cause an irregular heart beat or an awareness of your heart beating leading to palpitations. Read more...