Side muscle strain causing pain when breathing?

Serratus anterior. A muscle strain on your torso/flank area may be from injury to the overriding serratus anterior mucle. An injury to the actual rib could also cause pain with breathing. If pain not improving within a day or two since onset, you should be evaluated by your physician. Radiographs may be indicated.

Related Questions

Is it possible for a muscle strain in the back to cause pain when breathing?

Yes. If you have been diagnosed by a physician as having a muscle strain in your mid back or rib cage then it is possible to have pain with taking deep breaths. Read more...

Can a muscle strain cause breathing problems?

Possibly. If the strain is severe enough to cause painful respiration, you will breathe shallowly and possibly hypoventilate. Over time this leads to atelectasis (collapse of alveoli), retained secretions, and pneumonia. All of the above results in hypoxia (low oxygen level). Again, this is only with a severe muscle strain. Read more...