Should I take low dose aspirin before or after taking naproxen?

before, perhaps. Ibuprofen definitely interferes with Aspirin effect and the two should never be combined. Naproxen has been controversial - with unclear evidence of a problem with Aspirin or if it can replace aspirin. Probably take Aspirin first, if taking both.

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I have hyper aggregation thrombocyte. I take low dose aspirin 100mg, vit e400iu, folic acid daily. Is there any diet or medication to cure it?

T'cytosis. hello~ if you have idiopathic thrombocytosis do not take low dose aspirin, unless advice from hematology. It can makes it worse. The treatment is plasmapheresis (thrombopheresis) when platelets are >1.5million. You need to see and be followed by competent Heme-Oncologist thanks Read more...

Is it dangerous to take low dose aspirin and caditone?

Generally no. Aspirin, which is often used to prevent the blood from clotting (and reduce the risk of heart attack) is often used in conjunction with beta blockers, of which caditone is one. However, drug regimens are very individualized as people can suffer side effects and idiosyncratic reactions even at low doses. If there is any concern, you need to work closely with your prescribing physician. Read more...