In premature babies, does the alveoli collapse because too little surfactantr!?

HMD. Yes, surfactant is the magical substance that keeps the alveoli (air sacs) open. In premature newborns it is not made in sufficient quanitities to keep the air sacs open and as a result they develop respiratory failure due to a condition called hyaline membrane disease (hmd).
Yes. Pulm. Surfactant is primarily protein and lipid- is formed by the alveolar cells in the lungs. It reduces surface tension in the air sacs increasing compliance and prevents atelectasis/collapse of airways & keeps the air sacs dry. Rds (respiratory distress syndrome) is caused by a lack of surfactant and occurs commonly in premies less than 28-32 wks gestation. Artificial surfactants are available.

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In premature babies, sometimes the alveoli collapse. Is that rds?

Yes. That is exactly what underlies the neonatal respiratory distress syndrome - poor surfactant concentration leads to alveolar collapse in preemies. Prenatal Betamethasone helps prevent this complication. Read more...