Red bumps on my legs after shavein should I see a doctor?

Probably... Just razor burn. If it doesn't heal after a few days then i would see a doctor to rule out anything else.

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My wife has a rash and it goes away an comes back little red bumps on belly legs some on he back ect took her to ER and doc thought it was follicits?

Not folliculitis. I doubt if it is folliculitis and spontaneously resolves. If they are itchy and last only a short time especially after exercise, sweating or hot showers may be a form of hives called cholinergic urticaria.Need to see a physician who takes a more complete history. Read more...

I am experiencing some itching lately around my genital area. Looking there, I can see some red bumps on my leg which is close to testicles.?

Our immune system. Holds viruses that live in the body in check. When immunity is low they show up, sometimes in the forms you mention. Possibility of fungus or virus. Please get checked by your doc who can then help you. Don't jump to conclusions. Peace and good health. Read more...