Pinched nerve in neck affecting breathing?

Need more info. If your question is whether a pinched nerve in your neck affect breathing, possibly if there is compession of the 4th cervical nerve root that innervates the diaphragm.

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Neuro said I had severe pinched nerves in neck or "cervical radiculopathy" he said this is cause of my very mild swallowing and breathing issues true?

Insufficient data. Does "neuro" mean neurologist or neurosurgeon? Why did you meekly accept the answer but then post here? Ask doc to explain the neuroanatomy: EXACTLY what cervical levels, roots &/or nerves are affected & which ones involve breathing & which swallowing. Ask to review test results (MRI, CT, myelogram or EMG/NCS). Finally, if no treatment is recommended, I suggest seeking another opinion. Read more...