I've had a double breast infection for two weeks now. Keep breastfeeding?

Yes. Make plans to be evaluated, concurrently. You may need antibiotics. In which case, your doctor will advise you how to proceed with breast feeding.

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I have a breast infection and its very painful. I want to keep breastfeeding. How can I do that?

Traubling problem. Formation of breast abscesses is a troubling problem, milk cysts (small collection of milk in the breast tissue will infected) some times may need antibiotics, and drainage of abscess, during this period may not able to feed. Warm compresses will help.

How long does a breast infection take to completely fade. I was diagnosed towards the end of breastfeeding. The infection was large initially.

It depends. Breast feeding moms can developed mastitis from plugged milk duct. This can be treated with warm compresses and anti-inflammatory. However if it persists/developes abscess, antibiotics is usually prescribed. I am not sure exactly what you mean by breast infection. Call your doctor or present for in office physical to be checked out. There are cases of pregnancy associated breast cancer.

Right breast pain, worse over the last few days, no breastfeeding, have had breast infection before, can I get another one? I'm 32, have had hysterectomy, could it be cancer?

Cancer. Cancer very rarely presents with breast pain. Please see your doctor or gynecologist and have a complete evaluation. Yes, if you have had a breast infection you can get another one. Please be seen and have a complete evaluation which may include a mammogram or an ultrasound. If you have worse pain, fever, or redness, then you will have to go to the er if your doctor can't see you immediately.
Fairly common. Best option to start with OB or primary doc. Yes, you can get breast abscesses not related to breast feeding. Cysts are also very common. Many women can have perfectly normal mammogram/ultrasound and have pain. Should have those 2 tests, to make sure all is well. Cancer, though unlikely, is a possibility, and is usually detectable with those screening tests.