I'm afraid to take antidepressant for fear I might commit suicide?

Take drs advice. If your doc advises antidepressants take them--you will be much better off.
Don't. Though it is possible that antidepressants induce suicidal thoughts, they are used to treat depression which is an illness characterized by thoughts of worthlessness, guilt, and death. It is much more likely that an antidepressant will reverse suicidal thoughts by treating the depression. Even if you have suicidal thoughts, you are still in control of your actions. See a psychiatrist.
WRONG IDEA. If you have suicide on your mind now, before taking antidepressants, you probably nee them. You probably also need a good therapist as well. If fear is holding you back recognize that as a sign you really have something you need to work out.
Bad press. The press focused on an FDA warning based on an increase in suicidal behavior(not successful suicide) only in people below age 25. It has been shown in studies around the world that increased use of antidepressants LOWERS the risk for suicide in adults. It is unfortunate that good intentions of the FDA have led to people fearing medicines that could improve quality of life or possibly save it.