I'm a gay man and moderate rectal bleeding, should I see a doctor?

Yes. Regardless of sexual preference or behavior, rectal bleeding should always be evaluated by a doctor. A gastroenterologist is the specialist who can best evaluate rectal bleeding.
YES. Regardles of your sexaul preferences, all bleeding from the rectum should be thoroughly evaluated and treated. If you partake in anl intercourse there are several additional risk factors and these will be part of the differential diagnosis. No amount of rectal bleeding is normal. See a GI doctor or colorectal surgeon promptly!
Yes. Rectal bleeding may a be a sign of a minor problem like hemorrhoids or an anal fissure, or something more serious. Men who have sex with men should have an anal exam for hpv (human papilloma virus) and anorectal infections with gonorrhea and chlamydia. If you are having rectal bleeding, you should seek the care of a sensitive health provider. Glma has a provider website at www.Glma.Org.
Yes You must. You must see your physician, first will rule out sexually transmitted diseases and then other causes.