Light pink discharge after crinone (progesterone gel) IVF retrieval, normal?

Likely normal. Most likely this is a little bit of blood in the vagina from the egg retrieval and can be completely normal if you are otherwise feeling fine. Let your ivf nurse or doctor know. Take care and best of luck!

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I m 5wk pregnant IVF &had slight spotting yesterday. Taking gestone & crinone (progesterone gel) as progestrone is 14.3 only. Is it normal to have spotting?

Maybe. Generally Progesterone levels should be very high in early pregnancy and over 100 is not uncommon. With twins it should be higher. The fact that it is 9.1 is probably not a good sign and may suggest that you are miscarrying. The best way to tell what is happening is to get an ultrasound. Good luck. Read more...