If I have an addiction, should I get counseling for my family?

Priority you now. Taking responsibility for your behavior and being open is the first step - you can set an example by doing the right thing for yourself and your family next.
A family disease . Counseling is needed b/c ways family can help with the disease are often counter-intuitive. Ie, when an addict asks his parent for money, the parent's intuition tells him giving $ is helpful--but the opposite is true. This would be enabling and perpetuating the addiction. This occurs often in the family dynamics associated with addiction. The family needs to learn new skills so they can help.
They should seek it. Just as your family can not really "get counseling" for you - you have to get it for yourself - you cannot get it for them. If they are motivated to get help for their own issues with your addiction, most treatment programs have family therapists who can help. But they have to decide that it's what they want. You can be helpful in suggesting it, but you need to focus on your own treatment.