Ketones in urine a sign of fever?

Fat breakdown. A common cause of ketone production (ketosis) is fatty acid breakdown. When the body uses fats for energy, ketones result ; some enter into the urine for excretion. A larger amount of ketones in the urine can occur in starvation, diabetes, ; other conditions in which fat ; fatty acid breakdown is occuring at a more substantial pace than in the normal metabolic state. Fever is too non-specific.

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What are some reasons that would cause ketone in urine?

Starvation. Ketones are normally the end result of fat metabolism in an enviroment where carbohydrates are either missing or due to lack of insulin, unavailable . Common situations are diabetic ketosis and starvation. Alternatively ingestion of some poisonous alcohols (i.e. Isopropyl) will result in ketonuria. Read more...

Ketones in urine after eating sweet potatoes. Is this bad?

Not related. Ketones in urine are result of fatty acid metabolism. Most striking ijn starvation, or in lack of carbohydrates as in the atkins diet. Small amounts of ketones can be seen in urine by noon-time if subject hasn't eaten since evening before. This is of little consequence. In fact, sweet potatoes being carbohydrate make it less likely to have ketones in urine. Read more...