Had eye lift and now my skin is crepey - can I remove the damage?

Yes. Consider laser therapy. I have used erbium laser therapy, fractionated, to treat this problem with good success.
It depends. In some cases removing too much fat can lead to deflated skin and a crepe like appearance. If you have the right type of skin, laser resurfacing can help by tightening the skin to improve contour.
Yes. Laser or chemical peel treatments may help. Daily skin care products may help as well. Discuss with your plastic surgeon or dermatologist.
Crepey skin. If this is skin under the eye - then laser or chemical treatments can help. The upper and lower eyelids may also require additional removal. Be healthy and be well, james m. Ridgway, md www.Larrabeecenter.Com.
Yes. It will depend on whether one is taling about upper or lower eyelids. For upper eyelids if there is still redundant or extra skin, treatment option aresurgically excsised (blepharoplasty) , thermage radiofrequency tightening procedure for lower lids one ulthera (also utilizing radiofrequency to tighten skin) or laser procedures will tighten skin.