I think I have some type of insect bites on my toes, I don't know what to do but rinse out shoes?

Insect bites. Treatment depends on the type of reaction. If there is only redness and pain at the site of the bite, application of ice is adequate treatment. If there is a more severe reaction like drainage or puss, you may need oral antibiotics. Initially topical cortisone treatment helps like prescription halog or clobex.
Insect bites. Clean area w soap & warm water. Apply ice in 10 min. increments (10 on/10 off). Can try Tylenol, (acetaminophen) aspirin or Motrin for significant pain. For swelling – elevate affected area. Benadryl helps w swelling /itching. Can make paste with 2 parts baking soda & 1 part water & apply to effected area. Prescription corticosteroids can also help to reduce inflammation & itching. Seek medical attention for >
See a doctor. If the insect bite is on your toes, rinsing out your shoes will not help. You need to have your toes treated for any problem caused by the bite.