Is bence jones protein different from regular protein in urine?

Yes. Usually, Albumin or a mix of proteins are the stuff in "proteinuria". Bence-jones is immunoglobulin light chains and is much more worrisome. It also often doesn't show on the urine dipsticks that are the usual screen for proteinuria.

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Read that Bence Jones Protein can sometimes appear in 24 hr urine and be missed/normal in serum Free Light Chain Assay? Normal SPEP but no UPEP done..

No consensus. The serum free light chain assay is newer and is supposed to detect free light chains in serum even before they are detectable in urine. The old protocol was with plasma electrophoresis and urine protein immunofixation. It all depends now on the hematologist's confidence level in the new test. . Read more...