I have several symptoms of narcolepsy, do I just go to a regular dr. To treat it?

Nonspecific. The symptoms can be very nonspecific. It would be important to rule out the "mimicers" of narcolepsy with medical tests and screening questionnaires. If there are more specific signs like cataplexy, a regular internist or gp may not feel comfortable diagnosing and managing. Specialist may be recommended. See pcp first if this has never been done and see what recommendatoin is re: specialist.
Regular doctor 1st. Narcolepsy is a chronic condition associated with excessive daytime sleepiness. However, other conditions may mimic it. The epworth sleepiness scale (available on-line) is a helpful screening tool. I would suggest seeing your regular doctor first. They may send you for a sleep study to better define your condition or may refer you if they are uncertain what is wrong.